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Do you know that Section 1031 of the tax code potentially allows an owner of investment real estate the luxury of deferring, perhaps perpetually, the payment of federal and state capital gains taxes on your real estate sale?

If you have grown tired of the management burden of your real estate investment property or have thought about selling, but did not want to pay the substantial capital gains tax on your highly appreciated property, 1031 exchanges may provide you with the opportunity to sell and reinvest all your equity and relieve yourself of management.

One of the challenges of doing a 1031 exchange is locating a suitable like-kind property in a timely manner. Finding a property that is the proper equity amount, has the right debt structure, and is sufficient size to allow for cost effective, professional property management can be challenging.

Through my access to Sponsors in the business of providing 1031 investment property to the Broker Dealer community there are availability and choices. Moreover, since the property is already acquired by the Sponsor and financing is or is near complete, this helps to reduce the risk of the property not closing.

These 1031 exchange investment opportunities are flexible in the size of the exchange for equity amounts above $100,000, provide management assistance and potentially generate cash flow. You use your realtor to sell your existing property. By working together, we can potentially enhance the value of your investment real estate.

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Brochure explaining the basics – Section 1031 Tax Deferred Property Exchange & The Delaware Statutory Trust is available here: