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Rely on the experience and expertise of Marilee Hill for your 1031 exchange!

M.A. Hill, Brokers Qualified Intermediary, 1031 Exchanges & Replacement PropertiesStarting with real estate brokering and similar deals, Marilee Hill has built quite a reputation for authority in structured real estate deals. Her professional endeavors prior to starting on 1031 exchanges were in the real estate world. Her first real estate landmark was selling (for one builder) three condominium projects totaling 233 units. In commercial real estate, her first efforts were in office and retail leasing, where eventually, she started to focus on office buildings and residential land sales. With land sales, Marilee would attend comprehensive plan amendment processes in Montgomery County, MD, where zoning lawyers and interested land owners participated – learned the process, and met the players.

In 1999, a 1031 exchange company presented the 1031 concept and the company’s offerings at a conference that Marilee attended. With her recently acquired Security’s Series 7 license (1998) plus her extensive real estate background, Marilee instantly recognized that she had the tools to evaluate properties and the people skills to successfully pursue 1031 exchanges — and she never looked back.

Part of being involved in real estate, for Marilee, was having a real estate Broker’s License, not just a Salesperson’s license. For twenty years and more, she maintained real estate Broker’s Licenses in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.

Marilee Hill’s services include:

  • Presenting the 1031 process in an easy to understand format.
  • Offering replacement properties and analyzing their differences, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Assisting the Exchanger, given their risk tolerance and financial requirements, in determining which properties are most appropriate.
  • A referral network of experts for resolutions to complicated exchange challenges.
  • Devising a successful identification strategy to ensure completion of the exchange.
  • Marilee Hill’s clients have a success rate of 100% for completing their exchanges. With her experience and diligence, she will work with you to strive to assist you in completing your exchange in your risk-comfort zone.

In her words:

My forte is to strategize identifications and provide replacement properties so my clients have a better chance of success in deferring all applicable taxes by completing their 1031 exchanges. Through understanding my clients’ goals and concerns, I provide them with suitable replacement properties. With my experience and diligence, I will work with you to complete your exchange and endeavor to obtain the best possible returns reflective of your risk-comfort zone. Most of all I care about my clients and keeping profits in their pockets and out of Uncle Sam’s.

Marilee A. Hill