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Accumulate wealth and solve problems through 1031 exchanges:

  • Preserve your capital to enjoy the income from dollars not paid to Uncle Sam.
  • Diversify through the use of the three property identification rule to adhere to the “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!” rule.
  • Manage relief by selling a hands on property and exchanging into a DST.
  • Plan your estate to minimize potential squabbling by heirs through exchanging a larger property into several smaller properties so that after the Exchanger’s death each heir will receive a different property and be able to do with it as he or she sees fit.
  • Increase depreciation through additional non-recourse leverage to create less taxable revenue resulting in more spendable revenue.
  • Increase cash flow by exchanging raw land for income producing real estate or from a geographic area with a humdrum economy to a geographic area moving up.

M.A. Hill, Brokers Qualified Intermediary, 1031 Exchanges & Replacement PropertiesM.A. Hill, Brokers

Qualified Intermediary, 1031 Exchanges & Replacement Properties

Marilee Hill, principal of M. A. Hill, Brokers, has a 25 year background in commercial real estate and a general securities (Series 7) license from FINRA. She established M.A. Hill, Brokers in 1990 and in that year brokered an $11,000,000 1031 exchange transaction before the Treasury initiated changes the following year that streamlined the exchange process and defined the role of the Qualified Intermediary. An expert in 1031 exchange rules and replacement properties, Marilee Hill empowers American real estate investors with a powerful tax strategy to accumulate wealth. Her clients have a success rate of 100% for completing their exchanges.

Internal Revenue Code 1031 offers the real estate investor a powerful tax strategy that when properly used enables him to amass wealth. A key advantage of the 1031 exchange is the ability to dispose of an investment property without paying a capital gains or a depreciation recapture tax. The earning power of the deferred taxes works for the benefit of the investor instead of Uncle Sam. The tax not paid can be regarded as an interest free loan from Uncle Sam.

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