1031 Exchange

Accumulate Wealth and Solve Problems through 1031 Exchanges

    • Preserve your capital to enjoy the income from dollars not paid to Uncle Sam.
    • Diversify through the use of the three property identification rule to adhere to the “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!” rule.
    • Manage relief by selling a hands on property and exchanging into a DST.
    • Plan your estate to minimize potential squabbling by heirs through exchanging a larger property into several smaller properties so that after the Exchanger’s death each heir will receive a different property and be able to do with it as he or she sees fit.
    • Increase depreciation through additional non-recourse leverage to create less taxable revenue resulting in more spendable revenue.
    • Increase cash flow by exchanging raw land for income producing real estate or from a geographic area with a humdrum economy to a geographic area moving up.

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